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Jerry Seinfeld and George Stephanopoulos discuss TM on Good Morning America (3:57) TM improves San Francisco schoolsl. (7:04) Many highly respected artists and thought leaders practice the TM technique. Here’s what Paul and Ringo have to say. (3:00) What is Transcendental Meditation? (1:33)


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How is Transcendental Meditation different from other meditation techniques? (1:32) Father Len Dubi: How Transcendental Meditation enriches my religious life. (2:05) Russell Simmons: Happiness and Transcendental Meditation. (4:19) Orthodox Rabbi speaks about his experience with TM. (4:09)


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Highlights of the DLF Gala at the MET in NYC. (36:24) Graduate student Tasha Daniels—“TM helps me better handle stress”. (:55) David Lynch on Consciousness, Creativity and the Brain. (7:08) A brief introduction to the Transcendental Meditation technique, with John Hagelin, Ph.D. and Norman Rosenthal, M.D. (2:22)


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