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“This work, and the theory that
informs it, deserve the most serious consideration by academics and policy makers alike.” —David Edwards, Ph.D., Professor of Government at the
University of Texas at Austin

Creating coherent national consciousness

What researchers say

Scientific references

Society and Peace
At a glance

Extensive research published in leading scientific journals demonstrates that the powerful, stress-reducing effect of the Transcendental Meditation technique has a calming, “spill-over” effect in the surrounding population. When individuals practice the Transcendental Meditation and the advanced TM-Sidhi program together in groups, the research has shown a dramatic and immediate reduction in societal stress, crime, violence, and conflict—and an increase in coherence, positivity, and peace in society as a whole.

For a forest to be green…

When Maharishi first introduced the Transcendental Meditation technique in 1958, he emphasized that individual peace is the basic unit of world peace. He used the analogy that just as there cannot be a green forest without green trees, there cannot be a peaceful world without peaceful individuals.

Transforming life at the deepest level

Even though there are many sincere individuals dedicated to the cause of peace, establishing peace requires more than simply adopting a psychological belief in peace. It can only be achieved through a transformation at the very deepest level of the human mind and through a corresponding change in the physiology. Maharishi explained that when the mind and body are deeply at peace, then thought, speech, and action will spontaneously radiate an influence of harmony into the environment.

Increasing coherence in collective consciousness

Extensive scientific research confirms that the Transcendental Meditation and advanced TM-Sidhi program is effective in eliminating stress, anxiety and frustration, and in promoting growth toward a state of ideal health, peace, and fulfillment in enlightenment. Moreover, group practice of these programs has been shown to increase coherence in collective consciousness, thereby reducing societal stress, crime, and violence nationally and internationally.


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